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PTIP: A Pre-Trial Diversion Program in McLennan County

| Jul 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is an intimidating process. Not only are you arrested, but even if you bond out, you still have the potential of having a criminal conviction on your record. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, having a criminal conviction can cause serious repercussions for your future. One way to avoid having a conviction on your record is by successfully completing a pre-trial diversion program. While many Texas counties have pre-trial diversion programs, this article aims to provide information about what you can expect from McLennan County’s pre-trial diversion program, PTIP.

What is PTIP?

PTIP (Pre-Trial Intervention Program) in is a pre-trial diversion program for first-time offenders that is similar to probation, with some key differences. Instead of going through the normal criminal court process, your case is diverted to a program supervised by a separate branch of the district attorney’s office. Instead of pleading guilty and being sentenced to probation, however, this program is completely outside of the judge’s presence.

How Do I Get Into PTIP?

To get into PTIP, you have to fill out the county’s PTIP application. The application asks you to explain your version of the events that led to your arrest, your special interests and goals for the future, and your belief as to the impact the offense will have on your life. It also asks questions about your mental health history, as well as your drug use history. Once you have filled out the application and one of our attorneys has reviewed it with you, it will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for approval. If they approve your application, you are accepted into PTIP.

What Happens When I’m Accepted?

Once you are accepted into PTIP, your file is no longer with the prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, but is now in the PTIP office. The PTIP office will send your attorney the terms and conditions of your specific PTIP program, and your attorney will review these with you. Each PTIP program is specifically tailored to each individual defendant. Your PTIP program will usually include paying a fee, taking monthly drug tests, performing community service, and completing one or more classes. The program can last between 6 months and 2 years.

What Is the Benefit of PTIP?

PTIP can take dedication and hard work on your end, but the end results are worth the effort. If you complete all the terms and conditions of your program, and are discharged successfully, your case will be dismissed. This means that you will not have a conviction on your record for the offense, and you are eligible for an expunction. This article does not cover the details of expunctions, but our office can assist you in obtaining one.

While facing criminal charges can be scary, our team of experienced, dedicated lawyers is here to help you along the way. If you have no previous criminal history, PTIP may be the best option for you. Call our office at 254-863-8599, and let us fight for you.