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What is Probation Revocation?

| May 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Probation revocation occurs when the State of Texas alleges that someone has violated one or more of the terms of their probation. When this happens, a hearing will occur, and the State will attempt to prove that you violated one or more terms of probation. If the State is successful in doing this, you could be forced to serve the rest of your sentence, or potentially the maximum punishment range of your original offense, confined in jail or prison.

Common Reasons Probation is Revoked

  • You are charged with another offense.
  • You are accused of failing a drug test.
  • You are being accused of failing to report to your probation officer.

If you have been placed on probation and have discovered that the State has filed a Motion to Revoke or Motion to Adjudicate Guilt, you need a team of skilled attorneys to help protect your rights and attempt to keep your probation from being revoked. Let us help.