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Experience Matters In Murder Cases

Murder charges are the most serious criminal accusations you can face, potentially resulting in a life sentence without parole or even the death penalty.  In such a high-stakes situation, it’s important to choose the best possible defense, and here’s why Callahan & King, PLLC could be a strong fit based on the information available online:

  • Experience with Felony Cases: Robert Callahan and Christopher King have experience with serious felony jury trials. This experience with navigating complex felony cases is essential to defending against murder charges.
  • Understanding the Prosecution: A former prosecutor, Robert Callahan understands the tactics of local prosecutors in Waco and surrounding areas. This familiarity can be crucial when building a defense strategy.
  • Positive Reviews: Positive reviews for Callahan & King on successfully defending clients on serious criminal charges indicates strong legal advocacy skills.
  • Award Winning: Robert Callahan was named the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2020 – an award given out by the state’s only criminal defense lawyer’s association, to one attorney each year. Only 41 attorneys across Texas have ever received the award in its 41-year history, and Robert Callahan is one of them.
  • Consider the Team: Murder cases often involve a team of investigators, paralegals, and other specialists. Inquire about the team Callahan & King would assemble for your case and their qualifications.

Remember, choosing the right attorney for a murder charge is critical.  Don’t hesitate to take your time, research your options thoroughly, and schedule consultations with multiple qualified attorneys before making your final decision.